lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

Hi there! Worldwide, nations have begun taking steps to combat this growing threat, working toward an international agreement in which every country have a share . Many of the world's largest polluters have reduced significantly his emissions of CO2 , amplified by efforts from cities, businesses, sports leagues, churches, and many other individuals and groups that have responded to the urgent need for climate action. The whole word is united in these cause. SAVE THE PLANET!

lunes, 29 de febrero de 2016

As you can see the blog has progresser considerably during the las weeks.
For those who do not use blogs very often I will let a twitter acount where you will also be able to follow us day a day. For more communication, just in case you have any proposal or you haven´t understand something, you can olso send us private messages which will be inmediatily rear and answerwd.
Thanks to everybody for making this possible.
Twitter acount: